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The WebDAV-Sync tool is at the same time a command-line tool and an Ant task. It has three parameters: a URL which refers to a WebDAV collection, a local directory and the synchronization direction. The tool keeps the URL in sync with the directory depending on the direction, which can be down, up or bi-directional.

The down direction is useful for cases where a lot of random file access will follow. A typical example is the compilation of program sources, but it applies as well to docment processing tasks. The up direction is rather for updating offline work on the server. With the bi-directional mode both sides are mirrors of each other.

It takes only a few seconds to check if a local directory of around a thousand files is in sync with the WebDAV collection. This is important to reduce the overhead in build scripts when only a few files or directories have changed.

WebDAV-Sync is hosted on SourceForge.

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Check out DAVbox, WebDAV synchronization for the desktop.